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Sebuah nilaian....

| Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kita seorang penilai

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Anonymous said...

Please Reconsider This
Perhaps you've seen this around within your bloghopping:

Just because somebody flirts with you, Doesn’t mean they like you. Just because somebody likes you, doesn’t mean they wanna go out with you. Just because they wanna go out with you, Doesn’t mean they love you. Just because somebody loves you, Doesn’t mean they won’t hurt you. Because people lie, things change. partners cheat, and best friends ditch. And there are always gonna be those people who would kill to see you fall.

But please reconsider my response to this:

Just because somebody like you, doesnt mean that they like to flirt with you. (sometimes the liking branched out of respect. would you really flirt people you respect?)

Just because somebody don't want to go out with you, it doesn't mean they don't like you. (sometimes they feel awkward around great people like you, so they don't really know how to ask you out.listening to your guts and having faith with it are 2 different things.)

Just because they love you, doesn't always mean they will go out with you. (they might feel afraid, that, the idea of going out together with you, might affect your career life in future..when they see a lot of people around you seems more important to you, but not them.)

Just because somebody hurt you, Doesn’t mean they don't love you anymore.
(sometimes they didn't mean it. people make mistakes, right)?

Because people may lie, things do change. partners can cheat, and best friends can get ditched.

And there are always gonna be those people who would kill to see you fall.


But people may lie to protect themselves from getting hurt.

things do change because the time has taken the toll.

partners can cheat when they felt they've been cheated.

And when best friends already ditched, down to 6 feets under, Allah will still befriending us no matter what.

Because life, isn't all about that. It's about learning life as it is, not as much as we wanted it to be.

(catatan ini dari 'kembar' kau. semoga bermanfaat.)